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Or Travel On Cleartrip Sale
Brand: Cleartrip
Client: Cleartrip
Entrant: Talented

Or Travel On Cleartrip Sale - Cleartrip - Cleartrip

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Entry Title: Or Travel On Cleartrip Sale
Brand: Cleartrip
Client: Cleartrip
Entrant Company: Talented
Description: Diwali season is the Black Friday for brands in India. Over the last decade, e-commerce giants with their big budgets take over print during this time to promote their annual sales. So much so that India’s #1 newspaper frequently splits their daily in two to have two separate front pages full of ads. Most newspapers during sale season will feature 10+ pages of catalogue-style full-page discount advertising, not news. After all, Indians spend over 2.5 trillion rupees shopping during this one week.

We’re Cleartrip, a not-so-big travel booking app, that obviously can’t compete with these budgets. But what we could possibly do is hijack this boring media pattern (now a blind spot) and turn it into an advantage. Our task this sale season was to get Indians to find that a good Diwali deal can also be found in travel, instead of just things.

Our page-11 ad called readers to use our web-app to scan every other offer they saw on that day’s front pages and turn them into similarly priced travel offers. Through a cheeky mix of QR codes, AI & ML, every other sale ad from the papers that day was turned into a Cleartrip ad.
Company Credits: Talented
Company Credits: Web Dimension
Individual Credits: Creative Agency (Talented) Kaavya Shah - Creative Pooja Manek - Founding Member & Creative Lead P.G.Aditiya - Co-founder & Chief Creative Officer Prashant Gopalakrishnan - Founding Partner & Business Strategy Shreya Arora - Founding Member & Creative Yash Dugar - Brand Strategy
Individual Credits: Client Team (Cleartrip) Kunal Dubey - CMO Shubham Khurana - Brand Head Varun Thakar - Associate Director-Brand Marketing
Individual Credits: Web Dimension Kalpit Dwivedi - Creative Technologist Ram Pratap Singh - Developer & Programmer Sachin Kaushik - Lead Developer Sameer Mohammed - Developer & Programmer Vishal Singh - Developer & Programmer
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