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Wrong Address - BUNDL Technologies Pvt Ltd - Swiggy JPG
Wrong Address - BUNDL Technologies Pvt Ltd - Swiggy MP4 2m:49s

Wrong Address
Brand: Swiggy
Client: BUNDL Technologies Pvt Ltd
Entrant: Talented

Wrong Address - Swiggy - BUNDL Technologies Pvt Ltd

Blue Elephant

Entry Title: Wrong Address
Brand: Swiggy
Client: BUNDL Technologies Pvt Ltd
Entrant Company: Talented
Description: Swiggy is entrenched in the lives of over 50 million Indians, with over 20 million Daily Active Users. Apart from food, it also delivers groceries and everyday essentials via Instamart, and helps in restaurant discovery, reservation and bill payments via Dineout. Safe to say, it's more than an app today - it's an ecosystem of quick commerce.

Given its all-encompassing nature, Swiggy has become an intrinsic part of relationships too. Sending each other their favourite food whilst sitting miles away is the new love language modern couples indulge in, among various other use cases of a Swiggy couple. So, on Valentine's Day, we decided to show the journey of a modern day relationship through a short film, told purely through UI, with zero faces.

The result? Our film instantly struck a chord with netizens regardless of their relationship status.

1.3M+ views on YouTube in just 2 days

90 Lakh+ users reached

71k+ engagement

Average view rate: 71%
Company Credits: Talented
Company Credits: Chocolate Films
Company Credits: Tuneinn & Cruzinn Studios
Company Credits: OneVue Studios
Individual Credits: Creative Agency (Talented) : Balaji Padmanabhan - Brand Strategy Dhwani Tavadia - Production Intern Krishnapriya U - Creative Malvika Thirani - Creative Nabil Kureshi - Films Pooja Manek - Creative PG Aditiya - CCO and Co-Founder Prashant Gopalakrishnan - Founding Partner & Business Strategy
Individual Credits: Swiggy : Ashish Lingamneni - VP Marketing, Swiggy Sneha John - Director, Brand Marketing & Social, Swiggy
Individual Credits: Production house (Chocolate films) : Carl Nazareth (Sound Engineer) Chetan Sadekar (Animator) Chirag Gorwadkar (Animator) Haresh Bhalerao (Post Producer) Ramji Acharya (Graphics Director) Richa Lal (Producer) Rohan Shetty (Director & Vocalist) Sanjna Krishnan (Director)
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