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KFC Comments Song
Brand: KFC
Client: Yum Restaurant India Pvt Ltd
Entrant: Ogilvy India

KFC Comments Song - KFC - Yum Restaurant India Pvt Ltd

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Entry Title: KFC Comments Song
Brand: KFC
Client: Yum Restaurant India Pvt Ltd
Entrant Company: Ogilvy India
Description: KFC Chizza. A limited-edition product so loved, that when we stopped it,
we were flooded with comments from people, asking for its return.
So when KFC decided to re-launch it, we needed to announce it with a bang.
The answer was right under our thumbs.
The comments BECAME the content.
Nothing more needed to be said, really.
We picked the quirkiest and coolest comments to create:
To compose the track, we collaborated with the internet sensation, Yashraj Mukhate with a following of over 2.4M and a track record of dropping one viral hit after the another.
Mukhate literally sang out the comments in various character voices and composed them together on a sick beat.
The quirky video featured Yashraj, grooving to a hook step in various avatars- from a neighbourhood aunty to a hip-hopper friend.
Garnering more than 3 lakh organic views in less than 48 hours, the track instantly went viral, in true Mukhate-style. It caught the attention of scores of influencers and then things snowballed from there.
An iconic comeback for a truly iconic product.
Your words, not ours.
English Translation: “Hey where is Cheeza? Why you disconnect it?”

“When its return…return return??”

“Hey, someone tell this uncle that first he needs to get Chizza back!”


Bring it back!

“Inn logo ne crust ko chikan bna dya…brooooooooo”

Le ke aao yaar

Please bring back cheeejjjjjjjjaaaaa

“My mouth is watering like a sink”

Bring it back

“Man I miss this so much

Please bring back cheeejjjjjjjjaaaaa

Bring it back

Bring back bring back bring back….

“Was so killer man, this cheeja”

“Don’t know when it’ll return”


“Last time i had cheeja i was nobody’s brother-in-law”

Chizza’s back?
Let’s KFC.
Company Credits: Ogilvy India
Individual Credits: Kainaz Karmakar - Chief Creative Officer, India
Individual Credits: Sukesh Nayak - Chief Creative Officer, India
Individual Credits: Harshad Rajadyaksha - Chief Creative Officer, India
Individual Credits: Ritu Sharda - Chief Creative Officer
Individual Credits: Shailender Mahajan - Executive Creative Director
Individual Credits: Kingshuk Dey - Group Creative Director
Individual Credits: Aastha Gandhi - Creative Director
Individual Credits: Srikanta Behera - Creative Director
Individual Credits: Kashif Shakeel - Creative Supervisor
Individual Credits: Sumana Chopra - Creative Supervisor
Individual Credits: Vivek Mehra - Creative Controller
Individual Credits: Baqsa Productions - Production House
Individual Credits: Aditi Sobti - Vice President, Account Management
Individual Credits: Chandni Ahuja - Management Supervisor, Account Management
Individual Credits: Shreya Bhalla - Account Director, Account Management
Individual Credits: Pritish Mukherjee - Vice President, Strategy
Individual Credits: Rupa Roy - Planning Director, Strategy
Individual Credits: Yashraj Mukhate - Influencer/Talent
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