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The Moving Canvas - Exide Industries Ltd - Exide JPG
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The Moving Canvas
Brand: Exide
Client: Exide Industries Ltd
Entrant: Wunderman Thompson India

The Moving Canvas - Exide - Exide Industries Ltd

Blue Elephant

Entry Title: The Moving Canvas
Brand: Exide
Client: Exide Industries Ltd
Entrant Company: Wunderman Thompson India
When various indigenous art forms from various parts of India gave form to ‘The Moving Canvas, the idea for the music was to create a soundtrack with instruments curated from different parts of the country which have their own unique sound. So the canvas was then further set in sonic motion with instruments intrinsic to India, like the Ravanhatta, Carnatic Mandolin, Dotara, Rabab, Tumbi Tanpura, Kanjeera, Tasha, Dhol, Dholak and Tabla to name a few. To further enhance the chaos and vibrant experience of India, a bed was created with vehicular sounds like different vehicular horns, whistles and vrooming engines. India has hundreds of spoken languages and some of these were handpicked to further drive in the concept of ‘movement’ with vocal renditions that are popular in street culture amongst drivers. Some of the most popular folk music renditions were also curated and used to represent the various parts of the country where they originate from. While traditional art forms took ‘The Moving Canvas’ to different parts of the country it was the ethno-fusion track that set the art in motion.

Individual Credits: CCO: Senthil Kumar
Individual Credits: VP & Sr. ECD: Arjun Mukherjee
Individual Credits: Director: Arjun Mukherjee
Individual Credits: Illustration, Animation, Editing: Sourish Mitra
Individual Credits: Music Director: Subhajit Mukherjee
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