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Talking Memes
Brand: Fiama
Client: ITC
Entrant: Brand David

Talking Memes - Fiama - ITC

Blue Elephant

Entry Title: Talking Memes
Brand: Fiama
Client: ITC
Entrant Company: Brand David
Description: The topic of mental health in India is still a taboo, and therapy is considered unaffordable. So the youth in India turns to humour and dark memes as coping mechanism. Fiama, a brand that champions joyful living, decided to help.
Presenting Meme 2.0. We took some of the most shared mental health memes and brought them alive, using AI and film. For the first time ever, some of the most shared static memes started talking to its viewers and sharers about how therapy is a better way to deal with issues related to mental health.
We partnered with Minds Foundation, an NGO with qualified therapists on board to offer therapy at affordable rates.
The campaign surprised, shocked and ended up presenting the youth with a better way to feel better.
Company Credits: Ogilvy India
Company Credits: Hungry Films
Company Credits: Yuvaa
Company Credits: Minds Foundation
Company Credits: Saurabh Pal
Individual Credits: Taranjeet Gulati
Individual Credits: Arun Ganesh
Individual Credits: Surendra Gohey
Individual Credits: Vijay Sawant
Individual Credits: Dharam Valia
Individual Credits: Sameer Satpathy
Individual Credits: Subash Balar
Individual Credits: Varun Kaushik
Individual Credits: Jayanthi Sreenivasan
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