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Khel Jao
Client: Deltatech Gaming Ltd
Entrant: Ogilvy India

Khel Jao - - Deltatech Gaming Ltd

Baby Blue Elephant

Entry Title: Khel Jao
Client: Deltatech Gaming Ltd
Entrant Company: Ogilvy India
Description: India is organized chaos. You can’t go by the book to survive it. And that’s what makes Indians a unique breed – their ingenuity, ability to negotiate life, take measured risks and willingness to punt on themselves makes them almost superhumans who can thrive and win anywhere. Every Indian is equipped with the skills required to be a poker player.
As an Indian, you are already cut out for poker.

The campaign aptly portrays these characteristics in a variety of situations for people from different walks of life and how they show their skills to make the most out of it. They are street smart, they bluff, they always get away with what they want and they do it donning the costumes of the kings, queens and jacks of poker.
English Translation: Dialogue: Give this for 25/-. No Madam. Ok, Leave it then. Wait Wait Wait, Ok take it for 25/-
VO: She knows how to play with Tiwari. Aunty is a no.1 player.
Dialogue: Ok c’mon, give me some free lemons.
Dialogue: The emperors of Jaipur…
VO: He can sell anything to anyone. This broker always cracks the deal.
Dialogue: Cozy, isn’t it?
Dialogue: Don’t worry about the money. But we are like family, Karan.
Dialogue: Kiran.
VO: Increment is also a game for them. These players are bluffing all the time.
Dialogue: Man, this rash is spreading everywhere.
Dialogue: The number you are trying to call is currently unavailable.
Dialogue: He is working late even tonight, Mom. He will definitely get a promotion this year. Mom says hi.
VO: Boss, everyone is a player in India. It’s time to play the real game. Let’s play poker on Khel Jaao. I love you, baby.
VO for disclaimer: This game may be habit-forming or financially risky. Play responsibly.
Company Credits: Ogilvy India
Company Credits: Bang Bang Films
Individual Credits: Kainaz Karmakar - Chief Creative Officer, India
Individual Credits: Sukesh Nayak - Chief Creative Officer, India
Individual Credits: Harshad Rajadyaksha - Chief Creative Officer, India
Individual Credits: Ritu Sharda - Chief Creative Officer
Individual Credits: Umesh Grover - Senior Creative Director
Individual Credits: Sachin Kamra - Creative Director
Individual Credits: Mudit Khurana - Associate Creative Director
Individual Credits: Pulak Bhattacharya - Senior Vice President
Individual Credits: Pankhuri Gupta - Account Director
Individual Credits: Sumiran Dixit - Group Account Manager
Individual Credits: Pawan Bhatt - Executive Vice President
Individual Credits: Ryan Mendonca - Director
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