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Cadbury Fuse Bhaari Hai
Brand: Cadbury Fuse
Client: Mondelez India Foods
Entrant: Ogilvy India

Cadbury Fuse Bhaari Hai - Cadbury Fuse - Mondelez India Foods

Baby Blue Elephant

Entry Title: Cadbury Fuse Bhaari Hai
Brand: Cadbury Fuse
Client: Mondelez India Foods
Entrant Company: Ogilvy India
Description: After its launch in 2016, Cadbury Fuse wanted to recapitulate itself as a substantial filling snack that reigns in hunger pangs while providing great taste.

To achieve this, we created a campaign featuring The Great Khali, to emphasize the “Bhaari-ness” of the product. After all, only someone as bhaari as Khali could lift this chunky, not-so-delicate bar. The campaign leveraged the synergy between the two heavyweight champions, Khali and Cadbury Fuse to drive home the message.

The brand film showed two students hit by the pangs of hunger. When one of them sends a desperate plea for help, the Great Khali strides to the rescue with the perfect solution – Bhaari Cadbury Fuse, which he feeds the grateful student.

The film was launched on YouTube and television in July 2022. It garnered over 2 million views & over 10 million impressions on Meta and YouTube in just the first few weeks.

The ad quickly captured the audience's attention by leveraging Khali's immense popularity and boosted our sales figures. The ad's tongue-in-cheek humour resonated with viewers and reinforced our new position as the bhaari snack.

English Translation: The mixture was prepared by using equal volumes of…

Dude this lecture is going on for a while…

I’m extremely hungry.

Extremely hungry?

May I come in sir?

Is this any time to come?

Cadbury Fuse, to eat this you need heavy hunger, and to feed it a heavy hand.

Because it is stuffed with peanuts and chocolate and caramel making it huge!

Cadbury Fuse, It’s Heavy.

Leave it.
Company Credits: Ogilvy India
Company Credits: Wavemaker India
Company Credits: Earlyman Film Pvt Ltd
Individual Credits: CCO’s Ogilvy India – Harshad Rajadhyaksha, Kainaz Karmakar, Sukesh Nayak
Individual Credits: Creative Team – Ramakrishnan Hariharan, Varsha Desai, Souveek Adhikary
Individual Credits: President & Head of Office, Ogilvy Mumbai and Kolkata – Hirol Gandhi
Individual Credits: President & Head of Office, Ogilvy Gurugram - Prakash Nair
Individual Credits: Account Management - Beenu Kurup, Shruti Paranjpe, Meher Nathani
Individual Credits: Deputy Chief Strategy Officer, Ogilvy India – Ganapathy Balagopalan
Individual Credits: Account Planning - Samhita Chaudhuri, Kanupriya Mahajan, Dhara Pujara
Individual Credits: MD, Mondelez Vietnam – Anil Viswanathan
Individual Credits: Brand Team (Mondelez India) - Pratik Shetty, Gayatri Patkar, Anirul Jindal
Individual Credits: Media Team (Mondelez India) – Anjali Krishnan, Yash Desai
Individual Credits: Chief Client Officer, Wavemaker India - Shekhar Banerjee
Individual Credits: Media Team (Wavemaker India) – Naina Shewakramani, Harshavardhan Desireddy, Nikhita Arora, Chintan Thakker, Rupesh Shah, Diganta Dey, Apeksha Dhuri
Individual Credits: Film Director - Abhinav Pratiman, Earlyman Films
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