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Gut Whisperer - Pet Ki Problems Samajhne Ka Expert - Lupin Ltd - Lupizyme Plus JPG
Gut Whisperer - Pet Ki Problems Samajhne Ka Expert - Lupin Ltd - Lupizyme Plus MP4 2m:46s

Gut Whisperer - Pet Ki Problems Samajhne Ka Expert
Brand: Lupizyme Plus
Client: Lupin Ltd
Entrant: Contract Advertising India

Gut Whisperer - Pet Ki Problems Samajhne Ka Expert - Lupizyme Plus - Lupin Ltd

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Entry Title: Gut Whisperer - Pet Ki Problems Samajhne Ka Expert
Brand: Lupizyme Plus
Client: Lupin Ltd
Entrant Company: Contract Advertising India
Description: The OTC category is dominated by problem-solution communication. The objective was to start a unique conversation and make the brand top-of-mind when it comes to gut health. And with Gut Whisperer, we disrupted the traditional OTC formats. Gut Whisperer is a story told in documentary- style, about the life of a professional with a unique skill set. He has a gift for listening and interpreting the noises of the gut. And how he suggests relief through the real ‘ustaad-ji’ of gut problems– Lupizyme Plus
English Translation: Some like to learn to understand what animals say, Some listen to the plants. But I have an ear for something special. Since childhood whenever I used to hear rumbling stomachs around me, I felt that they are talking to me. As if they are calling me. Like "come to me, talk to me:" A kind of spiritual know. And the journey was not easy.
Had to spend hours trying to crack this nut. I hung around eateries.
Because there used to be so many guts crying for help. I used to crash weddings. With all the free food, people would eat like horses. All kinds of guts come to me. Gurgling, belching, etc. It says you have a lot of guts! Cheat once, Cheat twice! But everyday double cheese triple patty burger? Next time, tell your in-laws NO means NO.. if they try to stuff you with sweets. Empty vessels make the most noise. Feed it on time. Otherwise, it will keep sending you loud alerts. The poor guts don't know how to express themselves. They talk, In signals. Understand this silence... It's the calm before the storm. The world may see it as noise but for me, it's nothing less than poetry... It's like Mozart's pieces, Opera, Shakespeare's sonnets...
That's why the gut is called the second brain. It's got a language. And I was born to interpret this language. Sir, what is the solution you give? Who am I to give a solution when there is the Maestro (Ustaadji) - Lupizyme Plus
Company Credits: Contract Advertising India (Mumbai)
Company Credits: Lupin Ltd.
Individual Credits: Supratik Sengupta - Head of Marketing - Consumer Health (OTC), Lupin Ltd.
Individual Credits: Raji Ramaswamy - Chief Growth Officer - WT South Asia & CEO - Contract Advertising
Individual Credits: Sagar Mahabaleshwarkar - Chief Creative Officer , Contract Advertising
Individual Credits: Rahul Ghosh - Executive Creative Director, Contract Advertising
Individual Credits: Ayan Chakraborty - Executive Vice President & General Manager, Contract Advertising
Individual Credits: Sagar Chhabria - AVP & Senior Creative Director - Art, Contract Advertising
Individual Credits: Sneh Nihalani - Creative Consultant, Contract Advertising
Individual Credits: Amrita Chakraborty - Associate Vice President, Contract Advertising
Individual Credits: Sonalir Gupta - Account Executive, Contract Advertising
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