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Shark Tank India Season 2
Brand: SonyLIV
Client: SonyLIV
Entrant: White Rivers Media

Shark Tank India Season 2 - SonyLIV - SonyLIV

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Entry Title: Shark Tank India Season 2
Brand: SonyLIV
Client: SonyLIV
Entrant Company: White Rivers Media
Title: Shark Tank India Season 2 - Promo 2
Description: Elevating the entrepreneurial pulse of the planet, Sony LIV’s Shark Tank Season 2 set the premise of ‘Ab India Samjhega Business Ki Sahi Value’ to forward an educational narrative.

Through its content-backed efforts, the promos captured the essence of entrepreneurship and dug deeper beyond face value of a business that seems trivial on surface. They had an empowering common man theme and a satirical take on anyone can scale a business.

The promos aimed to reignite viewership by leveraging nostalgic, impact-led, and episodic moments, and re-instill the idea that anyone with the proper guidance and platform can scale their venture.

Through the episodic teasers, host introduction series, and weekly composite content created, the strategy targets returning viewers and aim to engage secondary and tertiary audiences. These edutainment segments were filtered and packaged intuitively into viral, share-worthy content to ignite further hype around the show.

Viral product reels including products like Nish Hair and PharmaLlama, apart from Fun segments with the Sharks and Host Rahul Dua were received well and caught public eye.

Witnessed 6x growth in viewership, garnered 16M+ in video views, 255M+ in accounts reached, and 3M+ in followers across social platforms, and 880+ media coverage was secured.
English Translation: Overview of promo 1 -

The teaser commences with a woman enquiring about okra with her local vegetable vendor. The vendor reverts to the per kg price and notifies her that it would cost Rs 70/kg and the fact that it is organically grown. Deeming the price too high, the woman proceeds to bargain and exaggerates saying she would rather purchase the entire stock available at the price that he just stated. The vegetable vendor pauses, recapitulates, and reverts with his historical annual sales, aligns it with the highlighting the growing nature of the industry, and states the projected revenue of his business concerning the market size. He then totals up his business valuation and deems INR 70 to be too less for the women to acquire even 1% equity in his business, let alone a purchase of the entire cart. The teaser concludes with the vendor’s humorous denial of unfair valuation where he states the show’s iconic “For those reasons, I’m out” statement. Season 2 commencement details are then looped in.

Overview of promo 2 -

The teaser commences with a mother agitated by her teenage son gaming on his mobile phone. The mother instantly intervenes by scolding the son and reminding him of his engineering endeavors and signals to the gardener at work. She states if he doesn't happen to get good ranks, the son might have to take up a low-paying job such as gardening. The gardener halts and begins contributing to the conversation.

At first, he appears to agree but later sarcastically states how low of an annual income of 28 lakhs he happened to make last year. He then states how he's on track to scale his revenue to 50 lakhs in the current year after securing contracts from a few big business parks and then states the overall market size. The mother-son duo appears to be shocked.

The gardener concludes by saying how the son must study hard and prepare to face the meager perks of his job in the future, getting back at the statement made about the economical potential of his services earlier.

Overview of promo 3 -

In this promo, Parul Gulati, actor and owner of Nish Hair, impresses the sharks with the brand's natural-looking hair topper and profits. Following her pitch, two sharks put offers on the table. With the stakes so high and an offer about to be accepted, the promo concludes.

Overview of promo 4 -

In this promo, host Rahul Dua, a stand-up comedian, enters the tank and banters with one of the sharks. He proceeds with his jokes, and even the sharks can't stop laughing. One of the sharks admires his talent, and the promo concludes with the whole tank bursting with laughter.

Overview of Promo 5 -

In this promo, contestants enter the tank with high expectations. Once their pitches end, the sharks turn the table. The intensity, the music, the drama unfolds, and the promo concludes, leaving everyone on the edge of their seats.
Company Credits: Sony LIV
Company Credits: White Rivers Media
Individual Credits: Zaheen Ekhlas
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