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Vigil Aunty
Brand: HDFC Bank
Client: HDFC Bank
Entrant: FCB Group India

Vigil Aunty - HDFC Bank - HDFC Bank

Baby Blue Elephant

Entry Title: Vigil Aunty
Brand: HDFC Bank
Client: HDFC Bank
Entrant Company: FCB Group India
Description: India’s banking digitisation led to a rapid increase in financial frauds. Exploiting the lack of digital education fraudsters come up with newer methods of conning people every week.

HDFC Bank being India’s largest private sector bank realized that a one-time generic PSA will not help solve the problem.

Introducing, the first ever anti-fraud influencer - Vigil Aunty.

A walking encyclopedia of the latest frauds, the villain to every fraudster’s story, and the torchbearer of ‘Always Stay Vigil’. She entertained the masses with her quirkiness, as she taught the nation how to avoid getting frauded.

Vigil Aunty was omnipresent. From social platforms, WhatsApp, ATM kiosks, to movie theatres, and national newspapers. She constantly and frequently delivered latest updates on frauds and how to be vigilant (prevent them).

Continuous assistance  was provided by the 24x7 Vigil Aunty WhatsApp Chatbot, which had a user base of 130 thousand and saw more than a million interactions.

In a span of 6 months, she amassed 2.2 Million followers across platforms, an engagement rate was 22%, and she helped increase positive sentiment by 26% for HDFC Bank.

Beyond winning the hearts, Vigil Aunty set the benchmark for PSA campaigns.
Company Credits: FCB Kinnect
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