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Oily Warrior
Brand: Pond's Men
Client: Unilever
Entrant: Earlyman Film Pvt Ltd

Oily Warrior - Pond's Men - Unilever

Baby Blue Elephant

Entry Title: Oily Warrior
Brand: Pond's Men
Client: Unilever
Entrant Company: Earlyman Film Pvt Ltd
Description: Pond's Men’s new Oil Fighter gives long-lasting oil control. To launch it in indonesia, we created a film based on the insight - no one wants to kiss an oily face.
The film opens on an ancient Indonesian tribe where victorious warriors are being honoured with a kiss on each cheek by their king. One by one, the warriors step up to receive the great honour. However, when an extremely oily-faced warrior steps forward, the king hesitates. Despite trying his hardest to put his lips to the warrior's oily cheek, the king simply cannot and kisses the air instead... inventing the world's very first air kiss.
The costumes and headgear were inspired by the inventive designs of the indigenous Dayak peoples of Indonesia. The diegetic track is made using traditional Indonesian gamelan instruments, such as the bonang and kendang drum.
Company Credits: Earlyman Film Pvt Ltd
Company Credits: Ogilvy Singapore
Individual Credits: Director - Ayappa
Individual Credits: Executive Producer - Anand Menon
Individual Credits: Producer - Milin Shah
Individual Credits: DOP - Vikash Nowlakha
Individual Credits: Offline Editor - Dipika Kalra
Individual Credits: Music - Sameeruddin
Individual Credits: Agency - Ogilvy Singapore
Individual Credits: CCO - Nicolas Courant
Individual Credits: Creatives - Sonali Ranjit & Rachel Chew
Individual Credits: Line Production - Solomon Lourdes Raj- Landmark Films (Kuala Lumpur)
Individual Credits: Production Designer: Jimmy Bong
Individual Credits: Casting Director: Munie Ariffin
Individual Credits: Makeup - Marlia Ieryani Ghazali (Malayaartwork)
Individual Credits: Costumes Stylist - Akma Suriati Awang
Individual Credits: 1st Assistant Director - Jeremy Zainal
Individual Credits: Director's Assistant - Udayan Biswas
Individual Credits: Colorist Singapore - Corey Spykerman
Individual Credits: Online Artist Singapore - Edmund Fong
Individual Credits: Audio Post: Neon Singapore
Individual Credits: Audio Engineer Singapore: Jerry Teo
Individual Credits: Post Supervisor - Vikram Solanki
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