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Slice The Slow - Slice - Slice Cards MP4 20s
Slice The Slow - Slice - Slice Cards MP4 20s
Slice The Slow - Slice - Slice Cards MP4 20s

Slice The Slow
Brand: Slice Cards
Client: Slice
Entrant: Zigzag Films

Slice The Slow - Slice Cards - Slice

Baby Blue Elephant

Entry Title: Slice The Slow
Brand: Slice Cards
Client: Slice
Entrant Company: Zigzag Films
Description: The intent of the campaign was to show that Slice cards make you fast and are meant for the impatient go getters out there who want things done quickly.
Set in a futuristic world where the inhabitants of the planet are humanoid creatures with animal heads, the impatient and fast creatures are held back by the antics of the relatively slow creatures. Completely frustrated, the fast creatures pull out their Slice cards and fling them at the slow creatures, stunning them instantly. The heads of the slow creature are replaced with those of the fast ones and they now resume their activity at lightning speed.
Everything in this world was designed from scratch. The spaces had to be futuristic, cool, relatable and seem like they belong to one world. There was minimal CG used and almost everything was done in camera. The street in the 'Horse and Snail' film was made with miniatures. The characters were created and designed with the necessary expressions and masks were fabricated accordingly. Given the sizes of the masks, there were no openings for the actors to see and every movement had to be precisely rehearsed and choreographed.
Company Credits: Advertising Agency : Fatmen Ideas
Individual Credits: Director - Abhijit Sudhakar
Individual Credits: Executive Producer - Anupama Ahluwalia
Individual Credits: Director of Photography - Anuj Dhawan
Individual Credits: Producers - Shina Gupta, Kranti Tandel
Individual Credits: Production Designers - Anita and Donald
Individual Credits: Character Design - Samar
Individual Credits: Casting Director - Kashish Arora
Individual Credits: Costume Stylist - Shyamli Arora
Individual Credits: Offline Editor - Ravi Rakhashia
Individual Credits: Music Director - Rahul Pais (The Jamroom)
Individual Credits: Online Editor - Tejas Acharekar
Individual Credits: Sound Engineer - Deepangsu
Individual Credits: Grade - Xavi Santolaya
Individual Credits: First AD - Hisham Chotani
Individual Credits: DA - Arzoo Mishra
Individual Credits: Line Producer - Tufail Ahmed
Individual Credits: Post Production Supervisor - Parag Darekar
Individual Credits: Production Managers - Nandukumar Gupta, Jatin
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