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The Superwoman
Brand: Tanishq
Client: Titan Company
Entrant: Superfly films Pvt Ltd

The Superwoman - Tanishq - Titan Company

Blue Elephant

Entry Title: The Superwoman
Brand: Tanishq
Client: Titan Company
Entrant Company: Superfly films Pvt Ltd
Description: The script marked a radical departure from the usual Women’s Day messages that celebrate the women who can do it all. It showed a side of the ‘superwoman’ that is never discussed, the toll it takes on women worldwide in pursuing the ideal that has been set for them. It had to be paced just right, where we go from ‘she can do it all’ to ‘Hang on, how is this actually affecting her’. We needed to first lure the viewer into a ‘oh, another superwoman film’ mood before turning the concept upside down and making them question the stereotype they had become so accustomed to, especially around Women’s Day. We need to re-humanise this ‘superwoman’, show her frailties, her failings, the ‘downs’ that are an intrinsic part of being ‘up’. To do all of this authentically, the dialogues needed to reflect her mood. So we went from the lines showing effortlessness and achievement to an acknowledgement of failure, of disappointment, of being exhausted with keeping up, with matching tonalities in delivery. The lines in the first half had to reinforce the superwoman image but the more critical lines in the latter half had to pack an emotional punch.
English Translation: Meet her. She’s a superwoman…

Yes Rajith- the client meeting is at 3 o’clock. Have you uploaded the data? Okay bye!

She manages the office and also runs the household.
She neither forgets her presentation nor her relative’s birthday presents.

It’s her 52nd birthday!
No no, not the 24 pack- the 12 pack.

She manages to fit 30 hours of work in just one day, everyday!

Everyone does it!

She puts everyone’s needs before her own- always.


She never stops, she never tires.
She just does … everything!
And shines while doing it.
I mean, she’s like a….

Come on, give me a break!

But why?

Can I breathe for a second?

But… you’re a superwoman.

I’m also human.

(Madam, we’ve reached.)

I tire too. I stop too.

Tanu, you came back?

I lose too.
I’m human.
Company Credits: Director: Kopal Naithani
Company Credits: Producer: Tarun Bali
Company Credits: DOP: Rajesh Nare
Company Credits: Chief Assistant Director: Dimple Soni
Company Credits: 2nd Assistant Director: Anushri Kulkarni
Individual Credits: Line Producer: Alpesh Zaveri
Individual Credits: Assistant Producer: Sneha Bhairi
Individual Credits: Production Manager: Fardeen Shaikh
Individual Credits: Production Design: Khyatee Kanchan
Individual Credits: Casting Director: Akash
Individual Credits: Costume Stylist: Malvika Bajaj
Individual Credits: Hair and Make up: Karan
Individual Credits: Post Supervisor: Mithun Bangera
Individual Credits: Offline Editor: Nikhil Sen
Individual Credits: Online Artist: Raj R Chaudhari
Individual Credits: Online Studio: Prime Focus Pvt. Ltd.
Individual Credits: Sound Studio: Orbis the Studio
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