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Kaise Ka Cancer
Brand: Tata Trusts
Client: Tata Trust
Entrant: Cutawayy Films Pvt Ltd

Kaise Ka Cancer - Tata Trusts - Tata Trust

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Entry Title: Kaise Ka Cancer
Brand: Tata Trusts
Client: Tata Trust
Entrant Company: Cutawayy Films Pvt Ltd
Title: Kaise Ka Cancer: Early Detection Saves Lives
Description: The campaign thought of 'Kaise Ka Cancer' was based on extensive research. We realised that there is a bigger disease than Cancer, which it triggers at its very onset. It's the condition of the unknown. The patient is faced with too many unsettling questions with no answers in sight. These questions consume the patient more than the disease itself. The 1st step to win against cancer is to have answers to these questions.
The films capture insights based on learnings from an in-depth consumer study conducted in various parts of the country to help trace a patient’s journey from ‘disease discovery’ to ‘disease recovery’ 
English Translation: Cancer….cancer rarely strikes alone.
It brings along one question. How?
How did it happen?
Now that it has, how will I manage?
Now if I have to go to a big city for treatment, 
How will I make ends meet here? 
Kids’ education…My job…How?
The expense of boarding in a city, the cost of treatment, How?
How will I manage?
And this question - ‘how’, invariably consumes us far more than the disease itself.
How do we overcome this? Just how?
FVO : With Cancer hospitals built through support from Tata Trusts, that are now closer to you than you’d imagine. 

Here you will receive, world-class cancer screening, testing and treatment with the help of modern techniques and technology at an affordable cost. Along with the compassionate care  of qualified and experienced doctors.
So let’s come together to put the question of "how" to rest. Let’s defeat cancer!
Tata Trusts for a cancer free India
Winning over cancer, is possible.

Individual Credits: Monica G Gambhir / Director
Individual Credits: Gaurrav Dhar / Producer
Individual Credits: O.R. Radhakrishnan / Creative
Individual Credits: Pranjal Choudhary / Creative
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